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Presencia 1 Ply Metallic Sewing Thread

Add a touch of SPARKLE to your project with these metallic threads.
We offer them in 2 colors:  silver and champagne gold

Product details: 100 Meters of 1 ply thread on a spool.
Are you new to working with metallic thread? Check out these tips.

  • What does 1 ply mean? 1 strand of metal is wrapped around a polyester core. The manufacturer states: They are highly shred resistant, even in machine stitching. Finca 1 ply is great for sewing and embroidery machine stitching.
  • Even though the manufacturer states it is highly shred resistant, the thread can and will shred and break if you don't give it a little TLC and consideration. Keep reading for tips.
  • To keep the thread from shredding, use a needle with a larger eye. Topstitch and Quilting needles have a larger eye and a deeper groove than a Universal needle and allow for these threads to run smoothly.
  • Use a vertical spool pin. On a horizontal position the thread is too close to the tension guides and doesn’t have much time to relax. You’ll find that the thread will twist on itself and get caught. Using your vertical spool pin gives it a chance to relax and come off the spool smoothly. I can personally attest to this.
  • Use a fine thread in the bobbin such as an 80wt thread to reduce bulk when the 2 threads wrap in the sewing process.
  • Slow down - don't put the pedal to the medal.
  • Stitch length - because the thread contains metal, it doesn't blend as smoothly as our cotton and polyester threads, so lengthen your stitches a bit.
  • Tension - I found it helped to reduce breakage and shredding if I reduced my needle tension a bit. But first, I tried sewing without any adjustments to see if it "worked". I recommend just try sewing with metallic thread first. You may find it sews just fine without any adjustments. Be patient and ready to experiment a little until you get it dialed in.

Here are the Christmas and winter 22 inch table mats I used metallic threads on to give a little sparkle to my project: