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Essentials #1 Thread Collection-Machine Weight 35

For top stitching, machine applique in traditional sewing machines.  Spools contain 500 meters of thread!

This is my collection of 12 Valdani COLORFAST machine weight 35 threads.  These are the 12 most used threads in my quilting tools.
Colors are VARIEGATED, so each color's been dyed using several shades of the color. For instance, red contains bright red, dark red, dull red, medium red . . . all on one spool. I think this is what makes these colors blend well and pop nicely on any shade of fabric color.  Is it possible to blend and pop at the same time??? Yep, it does in my world.
Stop wasting time toiling over what shade of red thread will work on a project. Just grab the variegated red and get stitching!

"Variegated" is the key to less decision making and more creating.

You can use these to machine blanket stitch on wool. I would know as I myself have done it and love it.
The thread weight is heavier (thicker) than standard sewing thread (usually 50 wt or higher), so don't use it to sew seams, but DO use it to applique stitch on any project.
Thicker thread means your stitching will be bolder, more noticeable than if using 50 wt sewing thread.

Colors included are: H207 darkened blue, M43 vibrant reds, M81 backyard honeycomb, O126 old cottage grey, 5 ecru, P6 Rusted Orange, P12 brown, O511 black sea, O178 tea dyed stone, JP12 seaside, O562 horizon storm, O560 morning grass.
Color substitutions may apply when stock is limited, and when this occurs, please rest assured they are just as gorgeous. We wouldn't serve you with anything less than beautiful products.