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MM701 Chilly Willy Snowman

Finished size 12in x 32 in.

Chilly Willy Snowman is a great way to greet people when entering your home!  This snowman door banner makes a great winter project! This quilted wall hanging features a tall snowman complete with a hat and scarf. The snowman is clutching a broom and lantern to ward off the winter chill.

Skill Level: Easy machine applique. A small amount of hand embroidery/embellishing required.  This is one pattern out of a series! See products #PMM701- #PMM12 for all the projects in this series.  Don't forget the button pack for Chilly!  It's got all his buttons, a carrot nose, and even a bell for the tip of his hat! CLICK HERE to grab an extra button pack.

You can hang this project two ways!  You can get the 12" snowflake hanger and put it on the wall OR you can use the hanger in combination with the over the door holders.  This makes your project able to hang on any door to greet visitors!

The over-the-door holders are optional and can be ordered separately.