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MM312 Funky Tree

Funky Tree mini quilted wall hanging pattern will make ya a quick quilted Christmas tree wall hanging that's 6 x 22 inches finished. I know you have a sliver of open wall space or a door, to add this cutie to your Christmas decor.

Each tree branch is a different fabric. So dig into your stash or pick up a few coordinating layer cakes to begin building your funky tree.

I should call this "Beginner's Dream Tree" - It's perfect for any beginner just learning how to sew and machine applique as all the shapes are simplified, which means they don't require lots of stopping and turning while blanket stitching by machine.

And I'm not joking when I boast you can finish this in just 1 day. . . . no I haven't been sippin' on eggnog all day. This pattern contains full instructions, including binding directions. 'Cuz, I know binding scares the bageezus out of some. I should know, I was one of those who was freaked out by binding.