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Reclaimed Wood Clip Board 7 x 9 inch

I’d like to introduce you to our Reclaimed Wood Clipboards. These clipboards are made to fit many little projects that you may want to display.

Carefully handcrafted from reclaimed barn wood, no two clipboards are exactly the same making each one perfectly vintage with lots of character.  This woodenware will display your project beautifully.

They have a bulldog clip that safely holds your piece without snagging, and a sawtooth hanger securely mounted on the back so you can hang them on a wall OR stand on a shelf.

Remember these are real barn wood, reclaimed by a father-daughter team who passionately save century old barns, board by board and haul it all home where the real magic begins.
We work with local woodworkers that give the wood its new creative purpose, seals it with a finish and preserves all the “barn” patina character possible.

If I sound like I’m writing a book about these, its because I want you to know a boatload of care and time went into making these so that you and I can lend a new life to these timeless barn boards.