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P304 Will E. Melt Instructional Videos

Welcome to the Virtual Will E. Melt Classroom

First, the bad news:  There are 6 videos, about 4 total hours,
and tons of material.

Second, the good news:  There are 6 videos, about 4 total hours,
and tons of material.

That's right, while there is a lot of info here, there's a reason for it:
we don't skip anything. We show you every single step and technique. 
We assume nothing, we expect nothing, and we require nothing. 

For example, we don't expect that you know how to tie a French knot. 
We'll show that, we'll reference it in the instructions, and so on.

Without further ado, here's the meat & potatoes:

Materials, Tools, & Other Items You'll Need

  • P304 Will E. Melt pattern
  • B304 Will E. Melt button pack
  • 29657 12" Snowflake Hanger
  • Machine thread (see back of pattern for specifics)
  • Sewing thread (see back of pattern for specifics)
  • Optional:  Patch Abilities Essential Collection thread kit
  • Fabrics as specified on the back of the pattern
  • Iron with steam setting
  • Sharp fabric scissors
  • Sharp [other] scissors for cutting applique pieces
  • Rotary cutter
  • Fabric cutting board and quilter's ruler
  • 505 Spray and Fix Temporary Fabric Adhesive spray or equivalent
  • Heat n Bond Lite or equivalent 

Video List
The complete project of Will E. Melt wall hanging and the Mug Rug are covered in six parts:

  1. Fabric pressing, cutting of the fabrics.  In this video, we will start with our raw fabric pieces and the P304 pattern.  We press, measure, and cut the fabrics according to the dimensions in the instructions.  Technique and tips on cutting are given.
  2. Tracing shapes & application. We show how to trace our patterns onto fusible backing.  We show how to use a light box and also how our thick, bold tracings can be done without any such aids.  We then apply the fusible to our fabric, cut out the pieces, and then bond them to the backing material.
  3. Mug Rug focus.  This video walks through the layering and stitching of the mug rug.  We add batting, backing, borders to the pattern and then stitch it all down.  We finish this step with some actual quilting of the mug rug.
  4. Layering and stitching.  We turn our focus back to the large Will E. Melt wall hanging.  We add batting and the backing material, using a 505 temporary adhesive spray. Then we blanket stitch the entire pattern.  As with every other video, we offer tips and tricks along the way and Julie takes time to not only tell you what she's doing but why she's doing it.
  5. Binding and hanging sleeve.  The final step in sewing is to add the binding and hanging sleeve.  Julie walks through this often-intimidating process by showing all of the steps to properly orient fabric, hold it, and stitch it into place.  The video concludes with how to hand sew the binding to the back of the wall hanging to complete a professional looking binding.
  6. Hand embroidery, embellishments, and finished project.  The final video focuses on the finishing steps.  Julie hand embroiders the "Brrr" and snowflake, as well as adds buttons and the scarf fringe.  Finally, a completed project is presented!


Part 1:  Fabric Pressing & Cutting

Part 2:  Tracing Pieces, Applying to Fabric, & Fusing Pieces Into Place

Part 3:  Mug Rug

Part 4:  Layering & Blanket Stitching

Part 5:  Binding & Hanging Sleeve

Part 6:  Hand Embroidery, Embellishment, & Finished Project