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Welcome to online shopping here at Patch Abilities . . WooHoo!!
What's the reason I've decided to offer online shopping direct? Not for a lack of fantastic quilt shops that carry my product, that's for sure. Quilters have been contacting me for years asking if they can buy from me because either a shop near them does not carry my products, or they live way out in the boonies and don't have the luxury of traveling frequently to a great quilt shop.

I want to take a moment to encourage you to shop local if and whenever possible. Without those quilt shops, none of us would have a hobby as extensive as quilting. All I can offer you is product, but the quilt shops offer an experience, expertise, priceless advice, fabric kits, and classes amongst other things.

Please support your local quilt shop and ask for Patch Abilities products if you do not see them displayed. That said, I am happy to have your business when you need my services and products. Enter Online Store