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MM13 Monthly Mini
Block of the Month - Calendar Series

We're super excited about our new Block of the Month series
that features a 2-part pattern each month:

Ok, this is big and there's a log going on, so we're going to take a couple of whacks at 'splaining this.  Here are the basics:

  • Two-piece pattern for each month
  • Machine embroidery and traditional applique options
  • 5 x 7” hoop sizes by double-hooping so that EVERYONE can plug these into their embroidery machines
  • Custom 11" Calendar Desk stand with convenient clips
  • Shops only -- no direct Patch Abilities retail sales or subscriptions
Because this represents a couple of firsts, we want to take some time to explain the program.  For those who wish to listen instead of read, check out this little video for a quick summary of the new program -- or skip down to the Machine Embroidery information:

Video Summary:
  • 2-Part design for each month of the year:  header + design panels
  • Patterns are available individually by month, Jan - Dec
  • Wool ... we have designed these to accommodate wool and we'll have pics soon!
  • Custom-designed “hanger” – this time it’s an 11" Calendar Stand that holds both pieces with convenient clips
  • Buttons are used sparingly in ways that truly complement
  • Instructions – No assumptions, no skipped steps, no unfinished projects
  • Available at your local quilt shops or their online storefronts -- there is no direct Patch Abilities retail sale option at this time

But, There's Machine Embroidery, Too:

Video Summary:
  • Quarterly packs:  Q1 (Jan, Feb, Mar), Q2 (Apr, May, Jun), Q3 (Jul, Aug, Sep), and Q4 (Oct, Nov, Dec)
    • 1 booklet with 3 sets of instructions inside
    • 1 USB stick with 3 sets of files and digital instruction
    • Instructions include the step-by-step pictures of how to complete your ME project
    • There are no monthly versions of the ME patterns
  • Hooping Options:
    • Double-hooping allows for 5 x 7" hoop sizes
    • Single-hooping is easier and allows for flip-and-fold border to be attached in the hoop
    • Again, the instructions here are NOT the same as what comes printed -- check the USB stick for picture-guided step-by-step instructions!
  • Same custom designed 11" Calendar Stand that holds the 2 pieces together
  • Blanket & Satin stitch options (and files) for each pattern
  • Traditional applique instructions are still included
  • Button packs are optional ... either add the buttons or include them in your embroidery

How to order:
  • MM13-xx nomenclature for traditional applique (e.g., MM13-1, MM13-2, MM13-11)
  • MM13-ME-Qx for machine embroidery (e.g., MM13-ME-Q1)
  • Email
  • Phone us 563-778-2101