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2 July Newsletter: Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

We sincerely hope that you all enjoy celebrating the anniversary of our country's independence!

Did you see the tote bags?  Well, here they are:


Click on a picture to learn how you can order these projects ... or order the tote bag itself for your own projects.

So, What's Going On?  Plenty!

We've been busy with our traditional applique products, too, such as our Mystery Pattern of the Month ...

What, pray tell, is the Mystery Pattern of the Month? Well, I'm glad you asked!

MPOM is our annual monthly program where participants get a new pattern each month ... but it's a mystery.  Other than tying each month to the season (you won't get a Halloween pattern in May), the design isn't revealed until you get it. 
(And you won't find them on our website.)

Here are some patterns from the 2021 MPOM that participants got immediately last year, but were only recently released out to the general public:



We have many, many shops out there that carry the MPOM patterns.  So, just because you're not part of our MPOM subscription doesn't mean you can't shop or purchase the MPOM patterns.

Here are three participating shops, but there are many more:

Merry's Stitchins in Iowa
Bits 'n Pieces in New Hampshire
My Sewing Room in Canada

Call or email us for a shop in your area, if you're interested in the MPOM program!

Shop Spotlight:  The Witch's Stitches

Diana Riesbeck and her team out in Big Flats, New York have a wonderful shop:

I've talked to Diana and she is definitely no witch, but I think you'll love her shop.  As she aptly says, "Helping our customers make their crafting vision a reality is the best part of our day.  We’re here to assist, admire, and inspire."

And that is exactly why we at Patch Abilities are so proud to feature shops like hers -- they really do excel at supporting the entire customer experience ... and they can help you in ways that we simply cannot:  from hands-on technique, to formal classes, to threads, fabrics, and more.

They have an active FaceBook page, so check them out to see what's going on in their world.

You can see the attention to detail in how the team there displays products and projects ... taking time to truly inspire you with a combination of fabrics and ideas:


Stop by their shop, give them a call at: 607–358–4016, or shoot them an email.


Thanks for being part of our newsletter group.  Have a safe holiday weekend!
~Julie & the Patch Abilities Team

For questions or comments, feel free to contact us!