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18 June 2022 Newsletter: Traditional Applique + A new Multi-Project Pattern

Variety is the Spice of Life

We've been talking a lot about our Machine Embroidery patterns lately.  Heck, they're new, they're cool, and we think they're the best ME patterns out there.  So, sure, we're excited about them. 

But, we didn't change our business ... we didn't stop doing the very thing that built this company: 
traditional applique patterns

We are continuing to crank those guys out, too.  For those in our Mystery Pattern of the Month program, you already know this!

Here are a couple you may not have seen before:



Another Super-Duper Pattern

Following along from the P295-ME Home With Patriotic Gnomes pattern we launched, we have the new P293-ME Little Liberty Ball Jar.


This is our second multi-project pattern we've launched for embroidery machines. 

"What does that mean?" you ask?
Great question!

It means that you purchase one pattern, but that there are instructions inside for many projects:  pillows, wall hangings, table runners, and tote bags are some examples.

It also means that the pattern designs are modular.  So, you can drop the ball jar onto anything using a hoop as small as 5x7".


Where does your imagination lead you?
What piece of fabric or clothing demands a Patch Abilities design?

With our modular designs, you can drop the patriotic gnome or the little liberty jar wherever you want, whenever you want.

Next Week:
-  Another new pattern
-  A cool shop spotlight
-  Maybe some shenanigans and ballyhoo

Thank you for being part of our tribe.  We sincerely thank you for your business.
~Julie & The Patch Abilities Team

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