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21 May 2022 Newsletter: We're Going to Have You In Stitches

In today's newsletter:
1.  Different stitches in Machine Embroidery (plus a FaceBook Live event)
2.  Feature Shop:  Wise Monkey (IA)
3.  Sneak Peek at some upcoming Machine Embroidery patterns

We'll Have You in Stitches!

We've been talking about our Machine Embroidery line of products for months now.  We think it's pretty cool and we've received tons of great feedback from those of you who have used them.

But something dawned on us: we have got to explain the stitching!!

See, one of the things we did with our patterns was to offer two stitching options.  This is really cool and something not often found among Machine Embroidery patterns out there.

1.  Satin Stitch.  This is the typical stitching we're all used to seeing from embroidery machines.

2.  Blanket Stitch.  This gives the effect of a hand-stitched product but has the convenience of using your awesome embroidery machine.  We at Patch Abilities think this is the best of both worlds.

Here's a two-for-one: 
(1) This is a sneak peek at a new super project (wall hanger, table runner, pillow, etc.) that will be coming out in early June and
(2) it shows a side-by-side of blanket stitch (left) and satin stitch (right):

The above are the same exact pattern performed by the same exact embroidery machine.  The only difference is the type of stitching that was used.

Which is best? 
Obviously, the best one is the one that you like best.  And, that's precisely why we added these options -- because we're all different and we like to have options.

Ever heard of a Ted Talk?  We're going to do you one better:  We'll be doing a Julie Talk on Tuesday at 11:00 AM CDT (9:00 AM PDT/12:00 PM EDT) on our FaceBook site

This will be a quick ~15 minute walk through of the difference between satin stich and blanket stitch with Machine Embroidery:

- How does the placement stitch interact with your fabric
- How do you use applique vs fabric
- How are the techniques similar and different
- And more!

Join us for this FaceBook Live Event!

In the end, we want you to better understand how you can use either of these stitches to create the look and feel that you prefer.

Wise Monkey ... That Funky Monkey

Our featured shop this week is Wise Monkey, an Iowa quilt shop owned and operated by
Amy and Randy Healy.  They have a wonderful shop & a full online shopping experience.

(and, sorry for this section's title... but, every time Amy or Randy call, Julie starts singing old-school Beastie Boys' Brass Monkey.  Yeah, for real!)


My friend Randy is the Charlie Daniels of the cutting machine!

What does that mean? 

It means that he's busy cutting fabrics up to the exact sizes you need for your projects.  Bundles of perfectly sized fabrics, complete project kits, and all kinds of other helpful pre-cuts will put you on the fast-track to completing your Patch Abilities pattern.

Here's an example of our famous P227 Cardinals in Winter Trees pattern that comes with a pre-cut applique kit.  Click Here.

Amy is absolutely prolific on FaceBook, too, with regular video feeds and helpful tips.

Check out the Wise Monkey FaceBook page.

In addition to their super-cool pre-cuts, Wise Monkey offers a slew of fabric, patterns, and accessories.  They offer classes and even have a quilting retreat built onto their business. 

Give them a call at (712) 393-7979 or shoot them an email to see how they can help you.

You've Arrived At the Sneak Peek

These Machine Embroidery designs will be at your local shops in early June:

This is a re-imagining of our P244 Liberty Bell Jar.  It's been resized for embroidery machines and spruced up a bit.

This creation draws from the P175 Fizzlin' Firecrackers, but has been mapped to a few new projects ... like table runners and pillows.

And, of course, we already showed our Machine Embroidery version of our P292 Patriotic Gnome above.

This little guy is going to be part of our most ambitious pattern to date with a variety of project ideas included.

We're not just putting these into Machine Embroidery formats, we're making these designs portable ... that means you can lift up these shapes and designs and drop them onto whatever you want.

I want a Patriotic Gnome embroidered hoodie sweatshirt!  Well, that will soon be possible.

We will begin rolling these patterns out to your local shops very soon ... so be sure to shop local and ask for your favorite Patch Abilities designs.

Everything's Digital

All of our patterns are available in digital format ... but we're a little behind on our website uploads.

That's sort of what happens when you have 350 patterns and never discontinue any of them ... not to mention the hangers and buttons we have.

So, if you're not seeing what you need, give us a holler.  We can help you out.

We're always happy to hear from you, so don't hesitate to email, call, or comment at our FaceBook page.

~Julie & the Patch Abilities Team

For questions or comments, feel free to contact us!

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