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Answers to Your Frequently Asked Burning Questions About Patch Abilities Inc.


Copyright Info


Wholesale Terms   


How would you like to have your very own Patch Abilities catalog?
"What's in it?" you ask?  It contains photos of my stamp collection.

Duh . . .  it contains all the available Patch Abilities patterns, that's what.  That along with all the hangers that we stock and all the button/embellishment packs that correspond with each pattern.

So, if you want it, then just download a copy here.

All designs published by Patch Abilities, Inc. are protected by Unites States Federal Copyright laws.

What exactly does that mean?

You may:
  • use my designs or any parts thereof, in projects for yourself or friends.
  • make and/or sell a quantity (not to exceed 10) of projects using my designs, or parts thereof, as long as you indicate somewhere on the finished project, that the design was by Patch Abilities, Inc.  This includes the sale of finished projects for sale online.  For quantities of greater than 10, please contact Patch Abilities for information on how to license our designs for commercial use.
  • save and print the pdf files of corrections found on the "oops" page, consistent with your own use.
You may NOT:
  • copy any written instructions, photos, or graphics for any purpose other than your own personal use.  This includes making/distributing copies for use in teaching and sharing reproduced copies with your friends.  
  • use our designs or any parts thereof as part of your own designs that you sell to others without listing Patch Abilities as the source of the design.
  • save or copy any graphics or photos from this website without our permission.
  • sell commercially in quantities larger than 10 projects using my designs, or parts thereof, without express written permission (e.g., license).
Please remind yourself that the quilting industry is full of great projects, because of small designers such as myself.  We make our living from the sales of our patterns and designs.  Think about it and please pay it forward.

If you have any doubts or other questions on this topic, please contact us!

If you own a shop and would like information on wholesale pricing, quantities, and terms, please contact us with your shop information.
Our wholesale terms are as follows:
  • Prepayment on all orders prior to shipping
  • We do not have minimum quantities on any items for individual sale
  • We sell to shops with a "brick and mortar" storefront. 
  • If you have an online business only, please contact one of the wholesale distributors shown below.
  • Shipping is calculated on the actual cost to ship to you.  We prefer to ship via UPS.

You can find most of Patch Abilities products with the following wholesale distributors:
Checker Distributors
Quilt Source (Canada)

Do you have a question that was not answered with the information given on this page?
Please contact us:
    Patch Abilities Inc
    29783 Quail Rd
    West Union, IA  52175
phone:  563-778-2101