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 Thanks for joining us at FabShop SchoolHouse, September 2022 Edition

We're glad you came over for a visit.

Our Machine Embroidery patterns usually come with a fully-loaded USB card.  This makes it super easy for your customers to immediately have the files they need -- no downloads, no codes, no internet required.  Just buy, plug in the card, and off they go.

The card is also loaded with the digital files for the instructions and other tips and tricks.  Check out the full USB content by clicking on the following images:


he P293-ME Little Liberty Ball Jar shows our recent trends in Machine Embroidery patterns -- there are many projects and project instructions included in the single pattern (wall hanging, tote bags, towels, pillows, etc.).  The MM801-ME Winter Cardinal is one of our most popular designs and one we hope you'll enjoy this fall and winter season.

We have our patterns in stand-alone or as part of monthly (BOM) series.  Just let us know what you need and we'll be delighted to serve you!