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Well Hello There!!

We're so glad you're here!
On our site, you will be able to find every single one of our patterns, along with the buttons and hangers -- all made right here in the USA. We're excited about our NEW Pattern designs that have recently been released. Check them out on our "What's New" Product Page!

I love creating small designs (6 x 22", 6 x 12", etc.), with minimal basic sewing and simple designs to applique, so BEGINNERS can do it and not “screw it up.” We take great CARE to write patterns with simple yet complete instructions, so that ANYONE may create without frustration ... no matter what his or her skill level is. Consider yourself INVITED!

Check Out the New Monthly Mini Series

Click here or the picture below to learn all about our latest Calendar-based Monthly Mini series.
It's available simultaneously in traditional applique and machine embroidery versions.


'Tis the Season for Machine Embroidery

We have two NEW super-duper, loaded-to-the-gills Machine Embroidery patterns.


Following suit from our recent launches, we have structured these patterns to make the designs portable.

That means that all of the bits and pieces, the gnomes, and the Christmas decorations can be applied to whatever you want ... in whatever order you want them!

You can also combine these designs with other Patch Abilities embroidery files in your library.

It also means that we have included detailed instructions for some of the most popular projects:

~ Table runners ... Check!
~ Pillows ... Check!
~ Towels ... Check!
~ Traditional Applique ... Check!

Here's a closer look at everything in 299-ME

Tote bags, towels, table runners, pillows, pillows, and more pillows:

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is portable.  Move that bee skep wherever you like.  Mix and match the flowers ... or use them on their own.

And, yep, you get to select blanket stitch or satin stitch, too!

Here's a closer look at P300-ME

These are shop-exclusives ... so, go to your favorite shop or online source to purchase these wonderful new patterns!

New Patterns & Products!

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