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Monthly Mini's

What are Monthly Mini's?

  • My Monthly Mini's are a set of 12 seasonal small applique patterns. Each pattern makes a seasonal mini quilt, which is displayed upon a matching seasonal hanger or stand. 

What are Monthly Mini's #8?

  • Well, they are the latest and greatest set of 12 seasonal designs from my creative fingertips.  That's what they are!
  • What do they look like?  Click on the Cardinal image below to see ALL 12 DESIGNS!!
  • Each finished mini quilt measures 6 x 12 inches
  • There are two great options for displaying these cuties! Select matching hangers or select a stand that has a matching header for each design
  • I've also designed buttons for 10 out of 12 of the designs! These button packs can be ordered right along with the patterns, hangers, stand or headers for convenient one-stop shopping
  • BONUS: All of these easy-to-follow patterns are in my new format that include complete quilting and binding instructions! This will help you easily finish each project in one day!
  • Available when?  NOW!  Yes, right now . . . they were released to quilt shops in January 2015
  • Where can I buy them?  From any terrific quilt shop that carries them, or if you live in the boonies - you may order from this website, but I really do urge you to go to your local quilt shop first.


Monthly Mini's #8



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